Saturday, April 19, 2014

Alanna Picks #12: Miriam

photographs by Alanna Zaritz

Why Miriam: "The first thing i noticed about Mrs. Miriam Friedman was her beautiful coat, which is much brighter and more graphic than the kind of thing Chicagoans typically turn to when there is snow on the ground. The next thing I noticed was how the length of her Pendleton coat played up her height, and how her creamy bob contrasted with the red and blue pattern. Only on closer inspection did i realize that her jewelry and accessories were perfectly matching - red and blue acrylic dice set in southwestern silver. I love the peek of white turtleneck and red wool blazer underneath the overcoat; she put together a fully color-coordinated outfit."

OH WOW! I'll tell ya, this outfit is no gamble...

Alanna Zaritz runs the blog Drawn and Coutured - along with Josh Crow - and is a regular contributor to Chicago Looks. Here she gets to share all the mad style she comes across while hanging out in the coolest places - such as the Museum of Contemporary Art, where she currently works.
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