Sunday, December 1, 2013


I’ve never really been into politics, because I always thought it was a bit of a hopeless matter. I had never had the chance of actually getting to know a candidate. The whole thing just seemed so distant.

Then I moved to Logan Square and this lady called Kath Duffy - who founded beloved food-coop Dill Pickle – invited me to come meet Will Guzzardi, who is currently running for state rep of 39th district. Coming from Kath, a very conscious and community-oriented person, I felt like maybe it was worth going. And it was.

Will seems to be a very humble, hard-working person, who doesn’t have all the answers but is genuinely trying to make this a better place to live. Fun fact: he currently doesn't own a car, but bikes everywhere. Closing schools is not on his agenda; he was a leader in the fight to keep Brentano Elementary open. Will says that education and health programs can’t keep being cut. He thinks taxes FOR THE 1% - who proportionally pay a lot less than most of us – should be raised so that these essential expenses can fit into the budget.  To me, this completely makes sense.

Even though I can’t vote yet – I’m a permanent resident, but still not an American Citizen – I decided to help Will in his endeavor to actually do what a respectable politician should ALWAYS do: care for the general good of his community, NOT for the private interests of a select group.

If you live in the 39th district, which includes Logan Square, Belmont-Cragin, Avondale and Hermosa (see map here), I urge you to get familiar with Will’s platform here and make your voice heard by voting March next year.

Will is having his winter fundraiser this Wednesday December 4th, and you’re invited. More info here.

Read more about Will Guzzardi on the Logansquarist and DNAinfo. Follow Will @willguzzardi.

If you are a blogger living in the 39th district and would like to help Will's campaign, feel free to contact me at 

And... YES, WE WILL!
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