Friday, November 11, 2011

Danny in Cracker Your Wardrobe

My dear friend Daniel Tucker Nelson was featured on the Attack Your Wardrobe section of the street style South Korean magazine Cracker Your Wardrobe last October.

Danny is an amazing designer, and one of my fashion inspirations. His style is incredibly minimalist but always with a twist. I just love his futuristic shapes and his muted color palette. And the fact that he totally reminds me of a young Yves Saint Laurent.

He had a very cool line called "Saddle Tramps", which he created with BFF Erin Frumet. Now he's super busy finishing his SAIC graduation collection and visiting his boyfriend Dilan Walpola - and Erin herself - in NY.

After I shot him that day - and we talked about how awesome Freja Beha, Patti Smith and the Amish are - we went shopping together. His influence was on me was so strong that now every time I shop I wonder what he would say.

See one of Danny's latest shows here.
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