Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fancy indeed

(photo taken from Bike Fancy)

Bike Fancy is kind of a street style blog on wheels. There you can see fashionable Chicagoans and their beloved bikes shot by Martha Williams, Time Out Chicago's associate photo editor. One of the reasons she created the blog was to "to demystify and normalize cycling and to show that it’s not just for athletes wearing spandex or messengers, but for everyone." - as she stated in the Time Out article that also featured local street style blogs Chicago Looks (yeah, this one!), Trés Awesome and Chicago Streetstyle Scene.

PS: Yesterday I saw and accident involving a biker. A person exiting a cab opened his door as the bike was passing by and hit it. Fortunately nothing serious happened to the biker and his bike, but it was a pretty scary scene. So I'd like to urge all my Chicago followers to pay special attention to the bike lanes and always make sure to look before opening car doors into them. It's very easy to cause an accident, but also very easy to avoid them.
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