Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Barrio Bonito

Chicago Looks deeply respects and supports the work being done by Barrio Bonito, a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide the at-risk youth (17-24) with a sound career path, centered around their passions and interests.

If you are a fashion talent within that age range coming from a low-income family, please contact them:

Read a bit more about Barrio Bonito's work below:

"Barrio Bonito is a passion driven organization founded on a comprehensive model for Arts, Community, Entrepreneurship and Hope, constructed to pioneer innovation in Social Enterprise. Barrio Bonito’s ultimate goal is to develop and showcase the artistic talents of low-income urban youth and help cultivate their talents and interests into a sustainable career.

Barrio Bonito is a nonprofit (Illinois Corp.) fashion retail boutique that employs low-income urban youth from underserved communities. This retail boutique serves as the training grounds for an extensive career development program for youth participants. All revenue from retail sales is used to finance the operations of the career development program.

Our organization is striving to add more potential participants in Chicago that possess an interest in fashion. We are also interested in constructing creative partnerships. The idea being that we foster a mutually beneficial relationship to help create change in our city's underserved communities but also look to create success within the business sense. If this sounds like it might be something of interest to you or if you know someone who might like to participate in our program, please contact us."

Got it?

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