Thursday, September 2, 2010


Kirsten (top) and Alysse from The Sometimes Store, who presented their Maximalism fashion show last Friday (along with Sisterman Vintage and The Gaudy God).

Sisterman Vintage will be moving to NY soon. Ben will be having his last Chicago trunk show @ Inkling on September 16th from 6 to 10 pm.

Sisterman's muse Kylie.

Danny Nelson from Saddle Tramps.

William runs a blog about menswear, Men's Street Fashion with Will Braggadocio.



Rhianna is a writer. Read her stories in the New City and on her blog, Breakfast at Barney's.

Coyote is the man behind Labrabbit Optics, Chicago's best place to find unique vintage frames.

Sam is a stylist and the keyboard player of Brilliant Pebbles.

Kyle and Kate


Sasha (from my dear Kokorokoko) and Justin

Emily from Very Best Vintage and Mia from Bummer Town.

Models Christine and April


Alysse and her adorable mom.

Kirsten and fashion writer Roberto Del Rio. Please read his stories on, a site dedicated to Chicago's cultural scene.

Brett and her boyfriend Frank. Please check out Brett's beautiful drawings here.

Ross from Kokorokoko (and from the cult local band Brilliant Pebbles).



Matt and Kyle
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