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Friday, May 28, 2010


Matt "The Gaudy God" Kasin is responsible for Kokorokoko's latest window installation, inspired by the movie Heathers. If you love the movie you should certainly check it out. If you don't you should too!

Ross and Sasha

Ross and Sasha are the owners of Kokorokoko.

Erin and Danny

Erin and Danny are the design duo behind Saddle Tramps. Please check their gorgeous creations here.


Alysse and Kirsten (below) own The Sometimes Store, where you can shop vintage, sip some wine AND have your nails done (see pics here). What else guys? Can we have a massage too?


Kirsten is the co-owner of The Sometimes Store. In the last picture she's reenacting the flyer she and Ben modeled for the Labrabbit Optics 1st anniversary party. I thought that scene looked familiar...


Ben, my dear friend from Sisterman Vintage, is quite a looker but unfortunately my camera (or maybe me) totally misbehaved while taking his pics. Sorry Ben, they were so blurry! I like this one, though.



Mia is the co-owner of Bummer Town (where I got this gorgeous dress).