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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Kirsten in Cracker Your Wardrobe

I know it's taken me FOREVER but finally here are the pictures from the Cracker Your Wardrobe June issue Kirsten was featured in.

Well, where should I start...

I simply LOVE Kirsten. She has a fantastic style. A fantastic haircut. Face, apartment, personality... you name it. She owns a vintage shop with also cutie Alysse D'Alessandro called The Sometimes Store, which they run from Kirsten's place in Pilsen. SUPER worth a visit. Their selection is beyond cool, and their prices are crazy good. Sometimes I do think they're crazy.

Anyway, Kirsten is not only a pretty face. She is a philosophy major, interested in studying ethics applied to everyday matters. Besides that she is also a hair stylist. Beauty and brains, the complete package.

Plus... Kirsten is SO sweet, but not without a great sense of humor. I said she was the whole package.

Find more info about The Sometimes Store here. I'll try to get Kirsten's interview from Cracker and post below (can you send me Kirs?).