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Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Indumentarian for mayor

Chicago fashion journalist Roberto Del Rio decided to take a drastic measure against the ubiquitous North Face fleece jackets, Abercrombie polo shirts, flip-flops and the like: he's running for mayor and he promises to outlaw all those fashion crimes we're so used to seeing in our dear windy city.

To know more about his platform please check out his column on Gozamos and listen to him tomorrow at (89.5 fm) from 4 to 7 pm.

Look what I got!

(Marjie's friend Katie modelling my new Pianosaurus dress)

Chicago Looks follower Marjie W. sent me these fabulous goodies in exchange for a bit of a shout out to her Etsy shop, Pianosaurus. She has an awesome selection, I mean... JUST LOOK AT THIS DRESS!! And the shoes... YUM! Thanks, Marjie!! Feel free to send me more stuff whenever you'd like. : ))

Check out her Esty shop here.



Sunday, September 26, 2010


Calina, I'm not sure I spelled your name correctly, please let me know if I didn't. Thanks!



I tried to take more pics of Mr. Roy Lewis (above) but as I know all too well photographers usually don't enjoy being photographed, so unfortunately I couldn't show more of his dapper style. But you can read about his work here.


Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Labrabbit Optics Grand Opening

The party/eyeglasses master Coyote (above) opened his Labrabbit Optics storefront last Friday. It's really worth a visit. I myself own FOUR pairs of prescription glasses by Labrabbit. Also if you hear he's throwing a party you'd better go. He's got the ability to gather the coolest people, as you will see below:





Sigourney Weaver
(ok, she wasn't there in person but her poster did decorate the wall)


Labrabbit Optics is located on 1104 N. Ashland Ave, just south of the Division blue line station.

See more pics of the party by Glitter Guts and Chicago Streetstyle Scene.

Kylie and Ben

Ben is the name behind Sisterman Vintage and Kylie is one of his muses.

This and the next 2 posts were shot during the Labrabbit Optics Grand Opening.


Matt... well if you visit Chicago Looks often you know who he is, right? In case you don't check out his blog here and schedule a nail fiercefying session with him here.